Video Transfer. Put Your Film on DVD.

Could you imagine what your house would look like if you needed to have a projector, Beta-tape player, VCR, DVD player, Hi8, and Super8 player on hand to watch your old family videos?

Mike Ray Design has gathered the help of Video Production Victoria to offer our clients the transfer of all their family films, weddings, commercials, footage, memorial videos, promotional videos, and photos to DVD and even for use on the web!

If you are in need of only a simple transfer to DVD or CD we can help! If you want your aged film to be put on DVD with music, title-slides, and even voice-overs, we can help! Even if you have an older company commercial that you want to resurrect or re-edit, we can assist there too.

What about those old film camera negatives and slides? If they are sitting in a shoe box under the bed because you can't remember everything that is on them, let us help you put those negatives onto DVD, create a memory video, or even touch them up with our photo editing software and give them a colour boost and revitalization!

To contact us or request a free consultation please e-mail or phone 250.640.8642.


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