Photography. Present Yourself.

If photography can make-or-break any design, website, portfolio, or advertising campaign, why would you choose to go with anything less than the best professionals available?

Mike Ray Design has been involved in taking professional Real Estate©, architectural, stock, commercial, portrait, professional, and family photography for over 3 years. We love spending time behind the camera, and to make sure the photographs are nothing less than perfect, we will edit and modify any photos that need the "professional touch."

To showcase our Real Estate© photography, Mike Ray Design created and, where we were able to provide Real Estate© agents with an all-in-one solution for Real Estate© marketing, (including photographs, panoramas, and floor plans).

Although our photography service is limited to the Prince George area, the retailing of our virtual tours is not - if you would like to order a virtual tour we do offer them to "self-service" Realtors© and photographers everywhere around the world!

If you already have your photos but have them in film, negatives, and slides, we can also help! We also specialize in film, photo, negative, and slide transfer to DVD, CD, and internet-ready slideshow videos!

Please browse through our selection of Real Estate©, stock, portrait, and scenic photographs below. If you are interested in purchasing any of our photographs please visit our store on

To contact us or request a free consultation please e-mail or phone 250.640.8642.

Landscape & Scenery Photography Images Landscape & Scenery Photography
Honestly speaking, landscape & scenery photography is possibly our favourite type of photography! Capturing beautiful ocean views, scenic lakes, and even picture-perfect skies are something that we love. As many aspiring photographers, we have been shooting landscapes as long as we can remember! All these scenic nature shots are a part of our collection for sale at iStockphoto. If you see any photos that interest you, or would like more information about out landscape and scenery photography, please contact

Portrait, Wedding, & Family Photography Images Portrait, Wedding, & Family Photography
Since our first wedding in 2008, Mike Ray Design has been helping people capture the special moments in their lives. We have taken photos for business people needing professional headshots, families who needed family photos, brides who were in need of a photographer, and even newly engaged couples looking to announce their news to their family and friends. If you are in need of photos for you or your family, please contact

Real Estate© & Architectural Photography Images Real Estate© & Architectural Photography
Since early 2008, Mike Ray Design has been involved in professional Real Estate© and architectural photography. We have taken photos and created virtual tours for over 200 homes, ranging from $100 000 condos to $2 000 000 luxury waterfront houses. Our photographs have also been featured in many print advertisements and have been used by other graphic and web designers across the world for their own designs. If you would like to purchase any of our print-ready photos, please go to iStockphoto, or contact to inquire about using our photography services.

Stock & Commercial Photography Images Stock & Commercial Photography
Mike Ray Design has been involved in stock and commercial photography for over 2 years now, acting as an exclusive contributor to iStockphoto. All our commercial-grade photographs have been critiqued and approved for sale by a panel of experts at iStockphoto and have been deemed acceptable for sale. If you are interested in utilizing our corporate photography services please contact

To contact us or request a free consultation please e-mail or phone 250.640.8642.


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