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Web presence can be the difference between gaining and losing a customer. In a culture that demands professionalism and clarity, Mike Ray Design delivers!

Using the latest graphic design and web programs, Mike Ray Design will create and customize a look and website that is "uniquely you."

All of our websites are built entirely from scratch, so you can be sure that yours will stand out in the crowd! With every website we also proudly offer our clients domain name registration, green server website hosting, and a customized content management system, or CMS.

In addition to your new website looking great, it will perform great in the search engines! Mike Ray Design also specializes in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Using many tricks-of-the-trade, we will help your website achieve higher search results, and climb the rankings of sites like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Being involved in internet design on a daily basis, we are more than comfortable and capable of working with clients outside of Prince George, BC, Canada. As our clients abroad will confirm, our ability to meet their needs even when thousands of miles away is simply amazing!

We offer free web design consultations, and will provide references upon request of our past and current clients. Please visit some of the websites below to see some of work.

To contact us or request a free consultation please e-mail mike@mikeraydesign.ca or phone 250.640.8642.

Northern Scale Website Images Northern Scale - www.norscale.com
Northern Scale approached us about designing for them a simple, but attractive website, on a fairly modest budget, in a relatively short amount of time. With only one month until the scheduled launch, we were able to design for them a new logo and launch the full website, with the help of Google Maps and tracking and hit statistics by Google Analytics.
Services Used: Web Design Service 33 Internet Hosting Service 33 Graphic Design Service 33 Northern Scale - www.norscale.com launch website

TDB Consultants Inc. Website Images TDB Consultants Inc. - www.tdb.ca
TDB has been a great company to work with. This website is absolutely amazing through-and-through: aesthetic design, navigational menus, depth of content, organization, imagery, Google-search implementation, content management system in the back-end, php-driven menus, and so much more! TDB has been extremely pleased with the website, and are proud to show it off to potential clients, as well as use it during presentations and project bids.
Services Used: Web Design Service 10 CMS Content Management Service 10 Graphic Design Service 10 TDB Consultants Inc. - www.tdb.ca launch website

PG Automotive & North Country Motors Website Images PG Automotive & North Country Motors - www.pgautomotive.ca
PG Automotive originally came to us asking for two websites: one for their automotive repairs division, and one for their sales division. After some tweaking and multiple design concepts, we came to the conclusion that we would combine the two sites together, putting their database of cars for sale onto the repairs site. The response from our clients has been tremendous, and they are so glad they now have a place to direct clients for photos, information, and all other mechanically related issues!
Services Used: Web Design Service 9 Domain Registration 9 Internet Hosting Service 9 CMS Content Management Service 9 PG Automotive & North Country Motors - www.pgautomotive.ca launch website

Rayn Home Staging Website Images Rayn Home Staging - www.raynhomestaging.com
Rayn Home Staging was not the site we first created. Originally, Rayn Home Staging was a joint-ownership site called 1st Impressions, however, when the owners started their own companies, Mike Ray Design offered to allow them both design rights to the site, so that they could still maintain a website, thus the Rayn Home Staging site was born! The site has been expanding its "Projects" section with new clients and photos, and there is no sign of stopping!
Services Used: Web Design Service 8 Domain Registration 8 Internet Hosting Service 8 Rayn Home Staging - www.raynhomestaging.com launch website

Alex Burns & Associates Website Images Alex Burns & Associates - www.alexburns.ca
Alex Burns and I have been working together since I started into Real Estate photography, virtual tours, and floor plans back in 2007. When Alex later mentioned he wanted a website, Mike Ray Design took the challenge! He wanted to have a 100% Flash-based website built, that allowed for enlarged images, panoramas, floor plans, video, automatic updates from MLS, and a live-feed of Real Estate listings from his ReMax office...we nailed every point!
Services Used: Web Design Service 7 Internet Hosting Service 7 CMS Content Management Service 7 Graphic Design Service 7 Photography Service 7 Videography Service 7 Alex Burns & Associates - www.alexburns.ca launch website

SlopeSide Website Images SlopeSide - www.slopeside.ca
SlopeSide Chalet is a beautiful log house on popular Mount Washington, on Vancouver Island, BC. Although the owners of the Chalet use its facilities throughout the year, they came to realize that if they could rent it during the times they WEREN'T using it, they would be able to make it a lovely mortgage helper! Knowing that Mike Ray Design would also be able to do the photography and floorplans, they allowed us to spend a weekend away while we did some "field research!"
Services Used: Web Design Service 5 Domain Registration 5 Internet Hosting Service 5 Photography Service 5 SlopeSide - www.slopeside.ca launch website

Rayn Properties Website Images Rayn Properties - www.raynproperties.com
Rayn Properties was one of Mike Ray Designs first website clients back in the spring of 2008. They had previously spent money on a basic splash page showing only their logo, an image, and contact information. What they wanted was a website they could have updated every few months, and that allowed for expansion as they had more to offer - we delivered! As a part of our services offered we also aided in copywriting the text, a service much appreciated by our client!
Services Used: Web Design Service 4 Internet Hosting Service 4 Rayn Properties - www.raynproperties.com launch website

Lindsay Ray Website Images Lindsay Ray - www.twoteachers.ca/lindsay/
For my wife's final year at the University of Victoria she was required to showcase an online portfolio of all she had learned. The website was a huge success, and helped her eventually find a job in the Prince George School District. The site is a combination of a Flash intro page, a Flash header throughout, and an html-based framework and content. This was the first page we used hand-coded Flash, and it turned out perfect!
Services Used: Web Design Service 2 Domain Registration 2 Internet Hosting Service 2 Graphic Design Service 2 Lindsay Ray - www.twoteachers.ca/lindsay/ launch website

Michael James Website Images Michael James - www.twoteachers.ca/mike/
Michael James was a website built for myself as a part of my Educational Portfolio at the University of Victoria. Every student of the Education faculty is required to post an online portfolio of their achievements, thus, this webpage was created. It was the first webpage I would ever create, and would be the launching pad from which I dreamed Mike Ray Design. Most the site was composed with hand-coding everything in Microsoft Notepad, which would now be something I would laugh at doing again!
Services Used: Web Design Service 1 Domain Registration 1 Internet Hosting Service 1 Graphic Design Service 1 Photography Service 1 Videography Service 1 Michael James - www.twoteachers.ca/mike/ launch website

To contact us or request a free consultation please e-mail mike@mikeraydesign.ca or phone 250.640.8642.


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