Domain Registration. Secure What is Yours.

If Microsoft© had not been able to secure, where we would go to find it?

When starting a business, it is imperative to find out which domain names are available and to reserve them. If you already have a business, do you know which domain names are available that could represent your company? (To quickly see, we recommend going to GoDaddy or dotCanuck and doing a quick search).

As one of the first question we ask our clients' when building them a website, we want to ensure that their online presence and interests are protected.

At Mike Ray Design we help both new and established businesses secure their online presence by helping them purchase, reserve, and renew domain names.

If you or your company desire to build a new website, or expand your existing one, we can help you with our domain registration services.

To contact us or request a free consultation please e-mail or phone 250.640.8642.


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