CMS - Content Management System. Take Control.

In the world of websites, there are two types in terms of updating: static, and dynamic.

A static website is one where the content rarely, or never changes. A dynamic site is one where the content changes often, even multiple times per day. Because many of our clients found themselves in a position of needing to be able to update their own website often and at a moment's notice, Mike Ray Design partnered with Toko Web Content Editor to easily come up with a solution for our clients' content management needs.

In websites that we build, the content management system is built in from the start, ensuring that any and every aspect that needs updating can be done so easily. In existing websites, our CMS is modified to fit your page where it is best suited.

If you would like to have a custom website design built for you with a content management system in place, Mike Ray Design is here to help! Or, if you have an existing website and would like to take control of the text, photos, design, and videos of your own website, we can help here too!

To contact us or request a free consultation please e-mail or phone 250.640.8642.


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